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Our replacement parts exceed OEM specifications by adhering to tight tolerances, and strictly controlled manufacturing processes. Our products have been intelligently designed to incorporate several innovative design features, providing extend service life. Always in stock, and accompanied with a 1 year or 1000 hours service warranty, you can depend on Alpine Aerotech to provide quality, cost effective helicopter solutions

Description AAL P/N AAL Price OEM P/N OEM Price Savings
Firewall Stiffener Large, LH AAL-061-902-007 $1,012.00 212-061-902-007 $5,264.00 $4,252.00
Firewall Stiffener Large, RH AAL-061-902-008 $1,012.00 212-061-902-008 $5,306.00 $4,294.00
Firewall Stiffener Small, LH AAL-061-902-009 $536.00 212-061-902-009 $1,986.00 $1,450.00
Firewall Stiffener Small, RH AAL-061-902-010 $536.00 212-061-902-010 $2,153.00 $1,617.00
Firewall Seal, LH AAL-061-902-113 $824.00 212-061-902-113 $2,469.00 $1,645.00
Firewall Seal, RH AAL-061-902-114 $824.00 212-061-902-114 $2,620.00 $1,796.00
Firewall Web AAL-061-903-001 $1,950.00 212-061-902-013 $5,619.00 $3,669.00
Cowling Baffle Screen AAL-232-021-001 $859.00 212-060-823-105 $3,543.00 $2,684.00
7 Hole Firewall Cover AAL-237-011-001 $2,926.00 212-061-903-159


5 Hole Firewall Cover AAL-237-011-002 $2,926.00 212-061-903-185 $9,434.00 $6,508.00
Induction Baffle Screen AAL-253-021-001 $715.00 212-061-207-349 $3,219.00 $2,504.00
Induction Baffle Web Assembly, LHS AAL-253-021-001 $765.00 212-061-207-287


Induction Baffle Web Assembly, RHS AAL-253-021-001 $765.00 212-061-207-288 $5,284.00 $4,519.00


Many of Alpine Aerotech's "Solution Products" are now incorporated in the OEM IPC. Buy direct from the manufacturer and save thousands!

Description AAL P/N AAL Price OEM Price Savings
Ejector Flange Gasket AAL-061-201-137 $267.00 $581.00 $314.00
Deflector, LH AAL-061-203-001 $6,052.00 $12,474.00 $6,422.00
Deflector, RH AAL-061-203-002 $6,052.00


Ejector/Deflector, LH AAL-061-204-001 $18,677.00 $30,699.00 $11,477.00
Ejector/Deflector, RH AAL-061-204-002 $18,677.00


Ejector Mount Bracket, Bottom AAL-061-205-001 $448.00 $1,566.00 $1,118.00

Ejector Mount Bracket, Side

AAL-061-205-003 $448.00 $1,557.00 $1,109.00
Ejector Jacket Repair Kit AAL-061-207-011 $748.00 $2,941.00 $2,193.00
Link, Bottom AAL-061-210-001 $72.00


Link, Side AAL-061-210-003 $53.00 $63.00 $10.00
Retaining Ring Assembly AAL-061-300-021 $901.00 $1,934.00 $1,033.00
Exhaust Duct, Retaining Ring Assembly, LH AAL-061-302-001 $9,676.00 $26,886.00 $17,190.00
Exhaust Duct, Retaining Ring Assembly, RH AAL-061-302-002 $9,676.00


Link Upper/Slotted AAL-214-012-005 $111.00 $146.00 $35.00
Shim, LH, .160" AAL-238-011-001 $307.00 $526.00 $219.00
Shim, RH, .160" AAL-238-011-002 $307.00 $540.00 $233.00


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Alpine Aerotech LP is a “Platinum Certified” Bell Helicopter Textron approved Customer Service Facility, and “Leading Edge” provider of comprehensive worldwide helicopter support and aircraft maintenance services from our Maintenance and Manufacturing Centre located in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

This concentration of well diversified maintenance capabilities under the guidance of President Jeff Denomme and General Manager Neil Baycroft, is dedicated to best serve the steadily increasing demands of our expanding customer base.

Today, our historical focus on all the components of “best in class” customer service, industry leading product knowledge, and appreciation for the value craftsmanship has resulted in industry wide recognition for a tradition of excellence, and well managed growth.

Tomorrow, Alpine Aerotech LP will accommodate increasing popularity, and serve our customers more effectively through continual optimisation of our existing capabilities, the expansion of facilities, and the introduction of new customer service competencies in consultation with our valued customers, and well respected marketing expertise, through which Alpine Aerotech LP will, enhance, broaden and extend our industry wide “Leading Edge.”


We pride ourselves on our industry leading reputation for helicopter service expertise, product knowledge, only the highest standards of craftsmanship, and a long standing tradition of excellence.

Contact Jeff Denomme or Neil Baycroft personally, to discuss your aircraft service and equipment requirements, and to ensure your needs for cost, quality and delivery are met

CLICK HERE to access Alpine Aerotech ePDM Support Documentation 

If you need login credentials to the library of Support Documentation please contact Taylor Wilson:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +1-250-769-6344
Toll Free: 1-855-500-2376


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