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Alpine Aerotech Products - Bell Helicopters

407 Exhaust Duct R & O

Aircraft OEM: Bell Helicopters
Aircraft Model: 407

General Information:
Alpine Aerotech has developed a comprehensive 407 Exhaust Duct Repair, which restores and enhances previously unserviceable ducts to better-than-new condition.

Repair includes

-Flange replacement with our enhanced formed flange which decreases the likelihood of cracking along the OEM fillet weld, and guarantees a clean, flat surface with correct bolt hole locations. 

-Butt welded inserts where necessary

-Annealing, NDT

-Standardized processes, lead times, and pricing


Aircraft OEM Bell Helicopter
Aircraft Model 407
Product System Air Management
Product Description 407 Exhaust Duct R & O
ALPINE Part Number 407-063-001-103
Price USD 1950.00* Confirmed on inspection
  • Alpine Aerotech repairs and re-certifies the following OEM part numbers:
    • 407-063-001-103

  • All repairs incorporate the installation of our innovative formed flange which eliminates cracking along the old fillet weld area of OEM exhaust ducts.
  • The formed flange is guaranteed to be clean, flat, and match current fastener hole location and size.
  • All repairs include a heat treatment procedure to ensure an extended, reliable, stress free service life.
  • Incorporated an allowance to butt weld inserts in areas where frequent cracking occurs.
  • Standardized processes, lead-times, and pricing.
STC Number
AC Approved


  • Weight: N/A
  • Balance: N/A
  • Install Time: N/A
  • All accessories/components manufactured by Alpine Aerotech LP are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship performed by Alpine Aerotech LP for a period of twelve (12) months or six hundred (600) hours of operation; whichever occurs first, after the date of shipment.
  • 407-063-001-103
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