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Alpine Aerotech Products - Bell Helicopters

Firewall Stiffener Large, RH

Aircraft OEM: Bell Helicopters
Aircraft Model: 412


General Information:
Alpine Aerotech has developed the Firewall Stiffeners and Seals to be cost effective alternatives to OEM replacement parts. These products have been fully engineered to incorporate a combination of high quality materials, and innovative design features.

Search Tags 212-061-902-008
Aircraft OEM Bell Helicopter
Aircraft Model 412
Product System Firewall
Product Description Firewall Stiffener Large, RH
ALPINE Part Number AAL-061-902-008
Alternate Configurations N/A
Price USD $ 1012.00
  • The Firewall Stiffeners have been designed with a reduced flange height, thus allowing easier access to the hardware at the power section and C-Box area.
  • Alpine Aerotech Firewall Stiffeners and Seals are guaranteed to exceed OEM specifications regarding design and manufacturing by employing:
    • Tighter tolerances.
    • Accurately defined and tightly controlled manufacturing procedures.
    • Precision Tooling.
    • High grade materials and hardware.
STC Number
AC Approved
TCCA SH96-82 212, 412, 412CF, 412EP
FAA SR00531NY 212, 412, 412CF, 412EP
EASA 10053796 212, 412, 412EP
  • Weight: 0.00lbs (Equivalent to OEM)
  • Balance: Long. Arm N/A; Lat. Arm N/A
  • All accessories/components manufactured by Alpine Aerotech LP are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship performed by Alpine Aerotech LP for a period of twelve (12) months or six hundred (600) hours of operation; whichever occurs first, after the date of shipment.
  • 212-061-902-008
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