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Cargo Mirror & Pulse Light, Kit

Aircraft OEM: Bell Helicopters
Aircraft Model: 212
P/N: AAL-706-103-003

General Information
Alpine Aerotech has developed the B212 Cargo Mirror Kit to effectively maximize the pilots view during hook up and release of external equipment and operations. The incorporated Pulse Light Kit provides enhanced forward recognition in situations with limited visibility and areas of high congestion.

Aircraft OEM Bell Helicopter
Aircraft Model 212
Product System Fuselage Exterior Accessories
Product Description B212 Cargo Mirror & Pulse Light, Kit
ALPINE Part Number AAL-706-103-003
Alternate Configurations N
Price USD $ 5,610.00
  • Large 8” mirrors provide enhanced visibility for below the fuselage
  • Robust, durable construction.
  • Efficient, LED bulbs require less power and are more resilient to vibrations, and extreme temperature variations.
  • The Pulse Light Module easily mounts into the avionics bay utilizing existing fastener locations.
  • Replacement parts available upon inquiry.
STC Number
AC Approved
TCCA SH94-40 212
FAA SR00410NY 212
EASA  10063340  212
  • The following specifications are for the installation of both the Cargo Mirror, and Pulse Light kits
    • Weight: 6.5lbs @ STA 312 & 2.6lbs @ STA 21.91
    • Balance: Long. Arm 4.22; Lat. Arm 0
    • Install Time: 8 Hours
  • All accessories/components manufactured by Alpine Aerotech LP are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship performed by Alpine Aerotech LP for a period of twelve (12) months or six hundred (600) hours of operation; whichever occurs first, after the date of shipment.
  • D212-580-041


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