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Alpine Aerotech offers a range of manufacturing services based out of our 18,000ft2 facility located in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. We invite customers from all industries to inquire about our extensive list of capabilities, specializing in thin guage, lightweight metals. Projects can range from straightforward flat patterns, to complex assemblies that require secondary processes (deburring, welding, forming) most of which can be completed in house. 



Amada LC 1212 1500 Watt Laser


2D Cutting Capabilities:

Max. Material Thickness:
• Stainless Steel: 0.135”
• Mild Steel: 0.375”
• Aluminum: 0.125”
• Titanium: 0.050”
• Non-Metallic Materials: Inquire


Max. X Axis Travel: 50” without reposition and 100” with one reposition.
Max. Y Axis Travel: 50”



Laser Advantages

Laser cutting offers low cost for prototype and short runs since no physical tooling is needed. The cutting process generally leaves minimal heat distortion and edge burrs.

Cutting with a laser can produce almost any 2D internal or external profile on panels, plates, brackets, etc. Etching can also be done on metals such as Stainless Steel and Titanium.

Several materials are applicable. Stainless steel, plain steel and spring steel are highly suitable. Metals such as aluminum and copper alloys can be cut depending on thinckness but are more difficult due to their ability to reflect the laser light and absorb heat. Some plastics can be problematic due to toxic fumes.