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Approved 505 Bearpaws
Approved 505 Bearpaws
407 Exhaust Duct R&O
407 Exhaust Duct R&O

Alpine Aerotech has developed a comprehensive repair for 407 Exhaust Ducts.

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Multi-Mission Products
Multi-Mission Products
Cost Saving Solutions
Cost Saving Solutions

Alpine Aerotech is dedicated to saving our customers time, and money. 

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Approved 505 Bearpaws Approved 505 Bearpaws
407 Exhaust Duct R&O 407 Exhaust Duct R&O
Multi-Mission Products Multi-Mission Products
Cost Saving Solutions Cost Saving Solutions

Kelowna, BC (February 21, 2017) — ALPINE AEROTECH announced today that many of their current Transport Canada Repair Design Approvals (RDA) have been given reciprocal acceptance with the European Aviation Safety Agency. With a strong background in MRO, Alpine Aerotech has developed a series of cost-effective repairs intended to preserve formerly unserviceable or unrepairable components.

     “With a strong background in MRO, we understand the importance of providing superior standardized repairs for products that were formerly unrepairable,” explains Neil Baycroft, general manager of Alpine Aerotech.

     Already recognized in North America for their unique air management system repairs, this reciprocal agreement allows Alpine Aerotech to grow internationally. These repairs include, but are not limited to Bell Medium Transition Ducts, and Sikorsky S76 Prolongators.

Kelowna, BC (February 15, 2017) — ALPINE AEROTECH announced today that they have officially secured Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) STC’s for their innovative Tailboom Baggage Protection Kit, specifically designed for Bell 205, 212, and 412 helicopters. Previously installed as a minor modification, Alpine Aerotech is now pleased to offer its expanding customer base another certified solution product.

     “The Alpine Aerotech Baggage Protection Kit is light weight and very durable,” explains Kelly Bean, director of maintenance at Hillcrest Aircraft Company. “This kit offers the best protection available in the industry and the installation is quick and easy.”

Kelowna, BC (February 06, 2017) — ALPINE AEROTECH announced that they have officially secured an EASA approval for their 206L & 407 Bear Paw Kit, previously approved by Transport Canada and the FAA. The Alpine Aerotech Bear Paw incorporates innovative design features that result in an extremely robust product. The innovative, corrosion resistant clamping system enhances overall safety and greatly reduces total installation time. Constructed from high grade, UV resistant polymer, the 206L & 407 Bear Paws are guaranteed to retain shape through continuous use.


     “The primary reason we prefer the Alpine Aerotech Bear Paws is they retain their original shape over time and do not fold-up. They are definitely superior in strength and longevity,” commented Barry Newman, director of maintenance at Alpine Helicopters.

Kelowna, BC (June 21, 2016) — ALPINE AEROTECH is now an authorized Garmin dealership and offers the most comprehensive lineup of avionics solutions in the aviation industry. “As an authorized Garmin dealer, we have become a “one-stop” shop providing customized, industry-leading solutions,” explains Jeff Denomme, president of Alpine Aerotech. “Adding the Garmin product line to our wide variety of helicopter avionics services ensures we continue to deliver cost-effective and innovative solutions to our customers.”

Recent avionics upgrades completed by Alpine Aerotech include a Bell 412 with the installation of a Dual Garmin GTN-650 system (GPS, NAV, COM’s). The #1 GTN-650 was integrated with the AFCS, including the flight director by use of a Garmin GAD 42 for IFR capabilities. The #2 GTN-650 was integrated with the pilots CDI as well and the pilot and co-pilots RMI system. Both GTN-650’s were also integrated with a Garmin remote mounted GTX-345R ADS-B Transponder for full control of the transponder system.

Kelowna, BC (June 13, 2016) ALPINE AEROTECH announced today that they have officially introduced a pool of overhauled exchange parts for many Bell 212/412 air management system components. They now have a comprehensive selection of serviceable Transition Ducts, Exhaust Ducts, and Exhaust Ejector/Deflectors immediately available for their customers. Also known for developing superior solution products, Alpine Aerotech has established an extensive range of proprietary cost-effective approved repairs, ultimately extending the service life of previously damaged or unserviceable components.

“The intention of introducing our comprehensive exchange pool is to provide improved responsiveness, enhancing our overall standard of customer service” explains Jeff Denomme, President of Alpine Aerotech.By keeping these parts in stock, our customers can confidently depend on immediate availability and reduced overall carrying costs.”



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