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Approved 505 Bearpaws
Approved 505 Bearpaws
407 Exhaust Duct R&O
407 Exhaust Duct R&O

Alpine Aerotech has developed a comprehensive repair for 407 Exhaust Ducts.

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Multi-Mission Products
Multi-Mission Products

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Cost Saving Solutions
Cost Saving Solutions

Alpine Aerotech is dedicated to saving our customers time, and money. 

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Approved 505 Bearpaws Approved 505 Bearpaws
407 Exhaust Duct R&O 407 Exhaust Duct R&O
Multi-Mission Products Multi-Mission Products
Cost Saving Solutions Cost Saving Solutions

Kelowna, BC (February 13, 2018) — ALPINE AEROTECH is pleased to announce receipt of the Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for their robust Bell 505 Bear Paw Kit. Alpine Aerotech has gained traction in the market recently by developing a superior Bear Paw that retains its shape through continuous use.

“We are consistently looking for new product ideas and developing a Bear Paw Kit for the 505 made sense. We are very excited to be able to deliver the 505 Bear Paw Kits directly to the operators or we can co-ordinate shipments with new aircraft.” explained Jeff Denomme, president at Alpine Aerotech.

Kelowna, BC (August 3, 2017) — ALPINE AEROTECH announced today that they have officially acquired a Transport Canada Repair Design Approval (RDA) for their comprehensive 206L Exhaust Duct Repair. Through years of MRO experience, Alpine Aerotech is conscious of OEM component, repair and overhaul (CR&O) constraints, which has led them to develop a series of cost-effective repairs for exhaust components that were previously unserviceable, and technically, unrepairable. The 206L Exhaust Duct Repair incorporates a new formed flange which decreases the likelihood of cracking along the OEM fillet weld, and guarantees a clean, flat surface with the correct bolt hole locations. Through collaboration with 206L operators, Alpine Aerotech has also increased the height of the flange, easing installation of the fasteners, and created a large AFT section insert, which consolidates all prior repairs.

Kelowna, BC (March 6, 2017) — Alpine Aerotech LP continues to diversify and has announced its maintenance capabilities now include Leonardo aircraft. “We are dedicated to supporting our expanding customer base and being able to service Leonardo models provides a more comprehensive maintenance offering,” said Jeff Denomme, president of Alpine Aerotech. “Our focus has always been to deliver quality and cost-effective solutions to our customers and this is an exciting new avenue to apply our experience and expertise. 


     “We have established a great relationship with Leonardo and recently delivered the first AW139 airframe fixture to the Philadelphia facility. We continue to develop, certify and manufacture new solutions to support our customers,” said Denomme. “With the knowledge and experience at Alpine Aerotech, working on projects like the AW139 airframe fixture is just one example of how we are diversifying to support the leading helicopter makes and models.”

Kelowna, BC (February 27, 2017) — ALPINE AEROTECH is pleased to announce the continued and evolving support of the Bell 429.

     “We provide a complete solution that is specifically designed to satisfy the needs of each customer,” explains Dirk van Ulden, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Manager at Alpine Aerotech. “As our customers’ requirements evolve so does our maintenance capabilities. We have Bell 429 customers that rely on Alpine Aerotech for their maintenance needs, so we went ahead and invested in the training and tooling so we can take care of those customers. Whether it is an 800 hour/12 month inspection, an avionics upgrade, new exterior paint or travelling to a remote location to carry out a routine inspection, we make it easy for them.”

Kelowna, BC (February 21, 2017) — ALPINE AEROTECH announced today that many of their current Transport Canada Repair Design Approvals (RDA) have been given reciprocal acceptance with the European Aviation Safety Agency. With a strong background in MRO, Alpine Aerotech has developed a series of cost-effective repairs intended to preserve formerly unserviceable or unrepairable components.

     “With a strong background in MRO, we understand the importance of providing superior standardized repairs for products that were formerly unrepairable,” explains Neil Baycroft, general manager of Alpine Aerotech.

     Already recognized in North America for their unique air management system repairs, this reciprocal agreement allows Alpine Aerotech to grow internationally. These repairs include, but are not limited to Bell Medium Transition Ducts, and Sikorsky S76 Prolongators.